Treatment of Cavities

If a cavity is left untreated and progresses into the nerve of the tooth, the only two options remaining involve a costly root canal or losing the tooth altogether with an extraction.

Detrimental medical consequences such as infection or abscess can also occur if a cavity is not treated properly. With an abscess, the body tries to fight off bacteria but the white blood cells die in the infected area and puss begins to form. The infection can spread through the bloodstream and reach the brain.

It is imperative to treat cavities before they cause further harm. Advanced Dental Arts offers quick, conservative treatment of cavities before they become a larger issue. Schedule an appointment today


  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the area and to provide patients with a comfortable, painless experience
  • Drill is used to remove decayed tooth structure, leaving only healthy tooth structure
  • Void is filled with filling material
  • Patient can resume normal activity and diet immediately after appointment

Preventing Cavities

The best way to treat cavities is through prevention. Dr. Othman encourages his dental patients to avoid excess simple sugars and drinking soda, and educates patients on proper oral hygiene practices. Brushing and flossing properly and regularly can prevent cavities from forming.

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